cython-codegen: cython code generator from gccxml files

I have enjoyed using cython to wrap from C libraries recently. Unfortunately, some libraries I was interested in (Alsa, CoreAudio) are quite big. In particular, they have a lot of structures, typedefs and enumerations which are easy to get wrong by doing it manually. Since the problem is quite similar to wrapping with ctypes (my former method of choice), I thought it would be interesting to do something like ctypeslib code generator for cython – hencecython-codegen “project”, available on github:

Basic usage goes like this to generate a .pyx file for the foo.h header:

gccxml -I. foo.h -o foo.xml -l 'foo' foo.h foo.xml

I can’t stress enough that this is little more than a throw-away script, and is likely to fail on many header files, or generate invalid cython code. I could use it successfully on non trivial headers though, like alsa or CoreAudio on Mac OS X. Your mileage may vary.

2 thoughts on “cython-codegen: cython code generator from gccxml files

  1. I am looking for using cython to wrap c library. It seems you tried this, could you give some more details on how to use this tool, to write cython specific files.

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