Build recent python wrapper for subversion

I wanted to use a more recent version of python wrapper for subversion. I though it would be easy. Boy was I wrong: compiling subversion is a pain. I want to use subversion 1.4.6, which depends on the following softwares:

  1. apache with mod_dav support
  2. neon (0.25.5 version, nothing else !)
  3. openssl

Compiling OpenSSL is not too difficult once I solved the TLS problem with libz. Compiling apache was not too difficult, but you need to install it with the following options:

./configure --enable-mods-shared="most ssl dav" --prefix=/export/bbc8/local/

Compiling neon was not difficult either. For subversion:

./configure --prefix=/export/bbc8/local/stow/subversion-1.4.6 --with-apxs=/export/bbc8/local/bin/apxs

(of course, change the install paths instead of /export/bbc8/local as desired)

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